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The Role of a Psychic Sketch Artists

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 12 Nov 2015 | comments*Discuss
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The role of Sketch Artist is invaluable to the authorities. A good Sketch Artist has not only the talent to draw a realist rendering of a person's face, giving the police a visual when tracking down the suspect of a crime, but also the ability to turn vocal descriptions of a person they have never seen into an accurate representation of the person. Add to these the ability to psychically see the person or ascertain clues about them and you have the Psychic Sketch Artist.

There is a long history of assistants to police departments who profess some form of psychic power or ESP. Clairvoyance would especially come in handy, to be able to see what the perpetrator of victim was seeing through their own eyes, in real time. Remote Viewing, the ability to see something from afar just by willing it, is also especially useful.

Sensing a Face

The ability to sense emotion and gather information by touch is another tool that psychic investigators would use to help bring clues to the police, but for the most part crimes are solved by good old fashioned detective and police work. It just happens that sketch artist work is part of that, so those sketch artists that get a boost in their ability through a little psychic push are also part of the good machine that gets crimes solved.

A typical police sketch artists will both ask questions and listen to free descriptions from the person giving the information, the victim to a crime or the witness to a crime. The citizen giving the information will describe physical characteristics of the suspect, even when they may not seem to go directly with the face. For example a person who is exceptionally tall or fat will have those qualities reflected in the bone structure or amount of flesh on the face. It is these details that he sketch artist looks for in addition to things like the colour of the hair and whether or not the villain had a mustache.

Cop Sketchers

When you employ an actual police officer who is trained as a sketch artist, the success rate goes way up. This way the sketch artist cop can pick up on all the right cues offered by the one describing the suspect, who might be the victim of a violent or shocking crime. In these cases details have to be coaxed out, and subtle clues and hints are picked up by the keen, trained ears of the police sketcher.

For the psychic sketch artist it goes a bit deeper. Possession of an article belonging to the suspect is a big help, but sometimes the psychic sketch artist can do without. Reaching into the aura, or mind, depending on how one defines psychic ability, of the witness, the artist will look for actually pictures captured in the minds eye. Should the day come that a machine can accurate represent in images what a person sees in their mind the sketch artist - psychic or otherwise - will no longer be required. Until that day they continue to provide valuable service.

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